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kids multi children multivitamin chewable tablet good taste no nasties omnivegan kids multi vegan multivitamin for kids children adults mixed berry taste iron calcium magnesium zinc b12 methylcobalamine b1 b2 b5 b6 b9

Berries flavor

Children multivitamin with 22 essential nutrients
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multivitamin vegan vitamins minerals organic healthy iron zinc calcium magnesium retinyl multi adults vegan nutrition supplements
multivitamin vegan vitamins minerals organic healthy iron zinc calcium magnesium retinyl multi adults vegan nutrition supplements

OmniVegan Multi

The all-round multivitamin for vegans
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Magnesium vegan pidolate oxide muscle
Magnesium vegan pidolate oxide muscle


The mineral for inner calm
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zinc immune system zinc pidolate zinc bisglycinate zinc citrate hair skin nails bones

Support your immune system

With zinc from 3 different sources
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CurcuSym Boost

Maximized power of turmeric
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Who are we?

Who are we?

Nordic Nutraceuticals was established as a subsidiary of Biosym in 2017. Biosym is a Danish company which was originally founded in 1986. Our aim has always been to improve public health. We do this by carefully preparing highly effective premium supplements containing the strongest active substances with a high bio-availability and no unnecessary additives. Our focus is always to focus on the body's needs and how to best serve them. All our products are a result of innovation and the latest research, and we pride ourselves on never compromising when it comes to quality, strength, and balance.

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This is my first review for a supplement. I normally don’t write reviews but this is worth doing so.
I really like this magnesium. My tummy tolerated it better than citrate form which gives runny tummy.
It does what magnesium is supposed to do. I highly recommend it.

Ami, OmniVegan Magnesium

I love Chinese TCM and so have been using Vital Adapt regularly for a few years now. I like the combination of the adaptogenic herbs. Prior to taking this, I used to take these herbs separately so this is a convenient way to get what I need.

Slavka C. OmniVegan Vital Adapt

I’ve been looking for a good quality, natural high-strength multi-vitamin for my children for a long time without success. Either they contained lots of artificial additives or tasted horrible. I’m pleased to say this brand was an instant hit with my two. A nice strawberry taste with all the essential nutrients in their natural forms. A very high quality product! I will stick with this brand in future.

Customer from Amazon

They have amazing customer service, looking after their customers is clearly their number one priority! I can also speak to the amazing quality of their supplements. A good place to go if you want to know that what you're getting what they claim and that they will sort out any problems you have promptly. :)

Obase-Sam from Trustpilot

OmniVegan KIDS Multi - A crunchy, great taste multivitamin. Bought this for my partner who struggles to take tablets/capsules and she's had no trouble at all with these. They're a bit powdery so you'll want a drink after, but super easy to chew and break up and tastes nice.

Alex Boot, Amazon customer

I've been using products from Nordic Nutraceuticals for a few years now and they are one of my most favorite ones on the market. As a fan of herbal adaptogens, I particularly like OmniVegan Vital Adapt, which always sets me up for the day
and helps me feel calmer and more focused. I also like their Omnimin Multivitamin Multimineral. The company is always a pleasure to deal
with and they often include samples or other products to try out for free, which is always appreciated.


Excellent composition high quality Multi vitamin!! Acquired on the recommendation of a top nutritionist doctor after a long battle with autoimmune disease, few years now have been taking it. This pack is composed perfectly with all essential vital nutrients, plenty of antioxidants and minerals. I have now clear mind, healthy sleep and a lot of energy through out the day.
I can totally recommend it to anyone. I love this product! It’s the best multivitamin with great price and fast shipping.


Last year I broke my hip and then suffered from pulmonary embolisms. Being an anglo-dane and knowing from experience how well old people (I'm 81) are taken care of in Scandinavia, I researched ways to get myself fit by reading Danish self-help books and learnt that the supplier of health supplements which is recommended most highly for the organic purity of their
products is Nordic Nutraceuticals. I have been using them ever since and have not been disappointed. Packages are promptly
dispatched, willing help is always on hand, one can be sure one is buying supplements of the highest quality and I'm told I look young for my years. Try them if you are looking for the best.


The bulk of my monthly vitamins purchases are now the Nordic Nutraceuticals brand. Having read about the business, I’m confident in the quality of their products and have so far never found any problems with stock levels (I find searching for suitable replacements so time consuming).  I’ve been really happy with delivery and customer service too. Thoroughly recommended.


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